There’s a lot more to building a successful web site than just good programming. The successful presentation of ideas and information in a clear and compelling package is far more crucial. In addition, it must be easily accessible. For instance, the front page of the site should load in 8 seconds or less using a 56K modem.

A good web design will look attractive to the users it is designed to appeal to. To maximize your success, your web site should precisely reflect your product. It doesn’t matter how good your product is; if your web site doesn’t represent it well, if it is hard to understand, or if it is simply not attractive, it is unlikely to bring in many customers.

An important component of creating a successful business web site is search engine optimization or SEO. It is not as effortless as it looks; search engines vary in the way that they rate web sites. Consideration must also be taken to adhere to the many rules the popular search engines enforce. Failure to follow these rules can result in a web site being deleted from their listings entirely.

The traffic search engines can bring to your site will not get its full potential until you can get into the top echelon of web site rankings with those engines. In this regard, a qualified web designer can evaluate your site and determine what is or is not working to your advantage.

SEO will improve the functionality of your web site, increasing the traffic and efficiency it will receive. Just using SEO software can completely change the way your web page works for you.

Some Tips For Search Engine Optimization

1. Use as many links as possible; make sure that your web site includes links to as many similar or relevant web sites as possible. These sites should be as highly rated as possible, and give as much content as possible. The better the web sites yours links to, the better your search engine performance rating is likely to be.

2. Use a “bold tag” in the keywords section. Remember that you should not use the bold tags for many words at once, rather use it one word at a time as much as possible.

3. If you want to use icon links in your navigation bar, ensure that you also provide text links. In addition, see to it that that the text links come first in the source code for the page.

4. Seriously consider using several domains. Time will come when the site will expand to encompass multiple topics or categories, and if your web page is designed from the beginning for such expansion it will go smoothly.

5. Always include a title for your links.

6. Establish article exchanges with other web sites. This is very similar to having a link exchange. This lets you publish someone’s commentary with a return link to their site.

7. Consider a regularly updated site map an absolute necessity; a site map is a strong indication of professionalism and can make it easier to get your Web site linked by other sites.

8. Use “anchor text” in strict moderation (the visible text within a link).

9. Use a minimum of animated graphics. Overuse of graphics can detract from the reader’s experience. Also, since animated graphics need larger file sizes, too many will make the site load slowly.

10. Attempt to ensure that the number of clicks needed for the user to navigate from your main page to any other page within your site is as low as possible without sacrificing intuitive organization.

11. If you absolutely must use Java to design your web site, use it carefully and offer your clients a choice of using a non-Java version of the site.

12. Many users will not want to have music when visiting a web site.  In fact, some find it offensive. Do not set sound to “autoplay”.

13. Different web browsers are not produced in the same manner. Use several different popular browsers while constructing your site to maximize the compatibility of your site with the potential customers and their different browsers.

14. Keep the content of your web site fresh and changing. Give the customer a reason to keep visiting your site regularly.

These pointers represent the foundation upon which you can build the skills to create a fantastic web site.

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